Market Appraisal


Pinpoint a market position to maximise return on your investment


The bc5 Market Appraisal module begins with a systematic information gathering exercise using both primary and secondary research techniques. We evaluate our client’s customers, competitors and suppliers to categorise their behaviour.


Primary research includes face to face, telephone, and e-mail surveys. We have found that attendance at trade shows, exhibitions and conferences is an extremely efficient and effective method of gathering quality market intelligence in a relatively short period of time.


Secondary research assimilates published market research reports, company report and accounts of the market leaders, customer, competitor and supplier websites, trade magazines, blogs and social media.


Market dynamics such as demand, industrial, technology, seasonal, consumer attitude, buying pattern, and product life cycle are scrutinised to detect trends. Once collated we present the data in a relational centralised database which our client can maintain thereafter to ensure that their market information is kept up-to-date at all times.


This improves efficiencies in data management, greater collaboration and communication across departments and better reporting and analysis capability.


This data is applied to identify patterns and relationships which enable us to profile our client’s customers and formulate a sales strategy. We identify their most valuable and profitable customers for priority attention in order to maximise return on the capital, time and resource invested.

Business Planning


Map your journey to success every step of the way


A business plan is required for anyone seeking funding from financial institutions or investors. Whether you are starting up a new business or developing an established one, a convincing, professionally presented business plan is essential if you are to sell your idea. It is also a dynamic management tool which should be revised and fine-tuned as your company grows, markets change and technology advances.


There are three core elements to a business plan. The business concept, the marketplace and the source and application of funds. These split further into seven key components. Executive summary; the business opportunity; products and services; market, competitors and sales strategy; operations plan; management team and personnel; financial forecasts.


The substance of the proposal and the credibility of the applicant will ultimately determine whether a pitch for funding succeeds or fails but presentation is of paramount importance. Potential investors expect the plan to look good, but not too good to be true, to be the right length and clearly describe the building blocks of the business. Initially it is all they will have at hand to form an opinion of you and your business.


First impression of the presentation of the document and the two-page executive summary usually determine whether or not the rest of the plan is read.



Differentiate your company from all competitors at all times


Your Brand is the promise the organisation makes to people with whom it interacts. It is an extremely powerful yet often untapped business resource. Brand differentiates one business from another by influencing the buyers expectation of the product, service or experience on offer.

A deftly cultivated brand embedded in the mind nurtures customer loyalty over time. The bc5 Branding module is delivered in three stages.


First, to forge the brand, we facilitate a workshop involving everyone on the client’s team who are responsible for promoting the organisation’s product or service. On completion participants will:


  • Recognise the difference between branding, marketing and advertising
  • Be able to apply tried and tested processes that will help visualise and define the organisation’s brand
  • Recognise the importance of the relationship between the business and its targeted audience via branding
  • Clearly understand the danger of getting it wrong


Once the team have agreed on the brand, we sound out the three stakeholders whose contribution is vital to the company’s success. Employees, customers and suppliers. In our experience there is

usually a disparity between the company’s self-perception and that of the world around it. We then advise on steps to bridge the gap.


Finally, a brand maintenance strategy is put in place to ensure day to day activity of the business matches the promise of the brand. This includes continuous assessment to monitor brand performance internally and customer management (CRM) tools to monitor it externally.



Maintenance of your business model is an investment in success


Our experience shows that regular servicing and maintenance of a winning business model is a judicious investment in lasting success. The bc5 Mentoring service provides an objective pair of eyes and ears when most needed.


Existing clients who have purchased the bc5 Market Appraisal, Branding or Business Planning module, benefit from mentoring because of our privileged understanding and empathy with their individual commercial activities.


New clients gain value from our vast experience across all three sectors of the economy - private, public and social.


We have found that best practice rarely migrates across these boundaries and bc5 draw inspiration and insight from the widest possible perspective.


In practice mentoring begins with a free one-hour consultation to identify the desired outcome and agree our professional fee. bc5 offer a flexible pricing policy, a chargeable hourly rate or a fixed fee. Mentoring meetings always conclude with an agreed list of action points. We will never tell a client what to do but will always ask the hard questions and demand an uncompromising commitment to the timely execution of every item on the action list.

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